Primagra Company  is the sole distributor of Fixturlaser products in Romania. The range products of shaft alignment contains the Fixturlaser GO Basic, GO Pro, XA Pro systems. We use these products in various types of industries, like Energy, Cement, Construction Machine, Paper, Wood, etc. The services which we provide are training and consultancy for utilizing the purchased products and measurement services of shaft alignment.


Clădirea Primagra Center
B-dul Sofia Vicoveanca nr. 1,
Suceava, Postal Code 720285
(la iesire din Suceava spre Falticeni, pe stanga)

Tel:+40 230 533 529, +40 230 533 528
Fax:+40 230 533 544
E-mail: office@primagra.ro 
Web site: www.primagra.ro

Fixturlaser contact persons:
Mr. Costache Ioan - commercial manager
Tel: +40 230 533 528/529
Mobile: 0722 313 270
Email: costache.ioan@primagra.ro

Mr. Tudosa Stelian- technical and commercial director
Tel +40 230 533 528/529
Mobile: 0724 026 609
Email: tudosa.stelian@primagra.ro





Technical representative for Romania, providing shaft alignment and geometrical measurements portable instruments. With a presence of over 20 years on the market and personnel with over 30 years experience in preventive and predictive maintenance, Vibrotest S.R.L., as a member of NTT Company Group, is the first company providing consultancy and measurement services for machine fault diagnosis and corrective maintenance.

Soseaua Nationala nr. 57
700607 Iasi

Contact person:
Mugur Tomita

Email: mtomita@vibrotestdiagnostic.ro
Mobile: +40 744 87 98 38
Tel: +40 372 781589
Fax: +40 372 870298
Web site: www.vibrotestdiagnostic.ro


Organizatia SC Primagra SRL reprezinta distribuitorul unic in Romania al produselor Fixturlaser. Gama de produse  Fixturlaser contine sistemele (instrumentele) Fixturlaser GO Basic, GO Pro, XA Pro. Folosim aceste produse in aplicatiile diferitelor  industrii cum ar fi Industria Energetica, Industria Cimentului, Industria Alimentara, Industria Lemnului etc. Furnizam servicii de consultanta si training pentru utilizarea produselor achizionate, de asemenea si servicii de aliniere arbori.

Reprezentanta tehnica pentru Romania, furnizor de instrumente portabile pentru alinieri de axe si masuratori geometrice. Cu o prezenta de peste 20 de ani pe piata si cu personal cu o experienta de peste 30 de ani in domeniul mentenantei preventiv-predictive, Vibrotest, ca membra a NTT Company Group, este prima companie furnizoare de servicii de diagnosticare a utilajelor dinamice si intretinere corectiva.